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Event Ticketing and Marketing that Leads to Action

Planning events can be overwhelming on top of other business responsibilities owners and decision-makers need to take care of. However, there’s no doubt that events are a valuable marketing tool that drives interaction with an audience. CEI Media Group helps organizations by managing every aspect of event planning for a streamlined experience that takes some of the pressure off business owners.


CEI Media Group offers event ticketing and management services that remove the complication and hassle of planning and executing the perfect event.


We handle every detail, including developing a ticket strategy and planning the tactics to use, managing marketing return on investment and effectiveness, crafting advertising campaigns, and publishing promotional materials online.


We also create sponsorship materials, marketing assets, and audit reports to gauge the effectiveness of the company’s efforts. Don’t leave event marketing until the last minute. If you want to learn more about event marketing services, contact CEI Media Group for an initial consultation or ask us about EVENTORFX to learn more about our new full service ticketing and technology services.

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