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Reducing Costs and Improving Business Efficiency 

CEI Media Group offers our CAMaSM services to corporations interested in reducing direct and indirect costs of managing association memberships and subscriptions.


Managing activities of multiple employees, departments and locations requires a significant amount of time and resources.  By centralizing the data and management, CAMaSM delivers more efficient management, tracking and negotiation of this category using a strategic and systematic approach.


CAMaSM also delivers more value from your membership and subscriptions while reducing the annual cost of spend in the category.  Indirectly, we simply save our clients tremendous amounts of administrative time and improve the corporate relationships with key partners and organizations.

CAMaSM services include:

  • Reducing annual spending

  • Eliminating redundancy

  • Discontinuing dormant accounts

  • Leveraging collective buying

  • Modifying levels or frequency of service

  • Maximizing benefits and values

  • Managing renewals

  • Facilitating timely payments

  • Taking advantage of discounts

  • Reporting savings, status and outcomes


Get the most out of the memberships and subscriptions that you need. Let CEI Media Group be of service. Want to learn more? Contact us for an initial CAMaSM consultation.

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