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Using the Power of Communication to Drive Business Forward

Getting the right message out there is essential for sending the intended message about a business. However, staying on top of public relations and communications can be a lot for busy decision-makers to deal with, especially small-business owners who are juggling a number of other responsibilities at all times.


Even larger organizations with a dedicated marketing team may experience difficulty handling the various aspects of PR on a regular basis. CEI Media Group helps alleviate the pressure and ensures your business maintains a strong reputation within your community.


CEI Media Group offers cost-effective PR services that get the message out there. Our team creates and distributes press releases, designs and publishes annual reports, magazines, and photo books, and manages on-site press media during events to ensure everything runs smoothly. We also offer well-researched news articles for the specific industry and audience and orchestrate social media communications to extend the reach of business communications.


Juggling written communications and social media can be a hassle, but CEI Media Group takes it on and streamlines the message. We strive to help our clients improve their marketing effectiveness. Want to learn more? Contact us for an initial PR consultation.  

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